Social Media Reaches Strategic Level

Its Everywhere

Yesterday, we were assisting a client with their Strategic Plan, using our Strategic Achievement Index© system support tool. The tool helps organizations establish priorities, timelines and measurement methods for those critical goals that will drive the organization forward over a period of time.

Our system helps the client focus on the critical components of their operation and defines the specific projects that will support the stated measurable goal for each component. Historically, we see components such as Finance, Human Resources, IT, Operations, Customer Service and Sales/Marketing or perhaps Capital Development in no-profit organizations.

In the sales and marketing component the focus is frequently on reaching a particular sales volume, a certain penetration of a business sector, setting up a new sales compensation system etc. However, we are seeing a new emphasis in recent months. The number of projects that involve some form of social media strategy is gaining a much higher profile.  It is being viewed on a level similar to new processes or products.

Level of Understanding

In our client meeting it was certainly seen as a critical tool and there was acceptance that it would play an important role in meeting major organization goals. The interesting aspect of the meeting discussion was how each member of the committee was using the tools and their level of understanding on how to use the various elements of social media.  This client is a non-profit organization, so the committee members came from a variety of organizations, each with different applications and various degrees of understanding. But they were all involved with it. Clearly the concept of social media had arrived and was to be instrumental in this strategic plan.

Increasing your Knowledge

We see the application on many fronts in our work with Human Resources Consulting and have decided it is notable enough that we have included it in our up-coming event Ask-the-Pros Q&A Forum. In the event, clients and other interested business owners and those in leadership positions get to ask questions of our pros in the four disciplines of Social Media, Legal, Insurance and Human Resources. Should be an interesting evening. No costs, no lecture, no sales pitch, just information.



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    Ardon Schambers has 39 years of professional HR experience and is a Principal of P3HR Consulting & Services, LLC

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    Jim Kohmescher worked in both the private and public sectors in human resource management positions. He has a Master's degree and served as an adjunct college instructor.


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